Secrui is the leading solution provider of security system.

We continuously innovate based on the customer demands, established the industry leading position in four major fields: security basic services, parts and systems, professional service and the terminal. Rely on the comprehensive advantages of GSM security system, fixed network security systems and electronic infrared fence fields, Secrui has become an intelligent security industry pioneer. At present, our products and solutions have already been applied into dozens of countries and served millions population around the world.

We aim to ensure the safety and enrich people life for the vision, using professional experience in security field, to help people in different places of the equality and freedom to manage the information society, remove the digital divide. To challenge the increasingly serious climate change, Secrui through the leading green solutions helps customers reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, creating the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

Secrui with innovative gene, and actively exerts advantage in the new market opportunities, doing unusual enterprise, seeking higher breakthrough is preserve thought idea of the enterprise.

Secrui aims to keep promise and try one’s best! Secrui culture rooted in Secrui staff heart which supports Secrui implementation of the global strategy, and provides dynamic for Secrui sustainable development.